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3D Text in Photoshop

Photoshop is a great tool to get your hands on. It provides all the needed features and tools to a designer to make professional designs. It's simple to use and gives you good control over the complete workspace.

The topics covered in this blog are:

What is a 3D Effect in Text?

Various projects demand Designers to bring some 3-dimensional effect in their creatives. It gives a realistic look in the project. 3D Texts are now commonly used and can be seen in various movies, songs and invitation posters in our everyday life.
To give you a better idea of the effect here is one image.

3D vs 2D text

The above image is created in Photoshop that shows two different types of texts. The above text gives a 3D realistic look whereas the below one is simple 2-dimensional text.

How to create a 3D Effect in Text?

The two most common ways to create 3D text in Photoshop are:

1) Using 3D Extrusion Tool in Photoshop

This 3D tool in Photoshop is used to transform a 2D object or layer into a 3D space. Once you are in the 3D workspace, you are free to use the 3-dimensions X, Y & Z. Although, it requires more processing power and can be complex for some users to use but it provides all the necessary features to make something more realistic in 3D.

  • Pros: More freedom, better control & more realistic.
  • Cons: Need more processing power.

2) Using Multiple layers (without 3D tool)

It is the most common technique used by designers to make an object look more realistic. Aligning multiple layers in a pattern can give a  3D bevel effect. This trick usually involves 3 main layers that are: 

Front Layer

It is the first layer of the text that has all the design and colors. In the image above you can see a simple text with a little stroke and gradient shade.

Back Layer

It is the group of multiple text layers that stays behind the front layer. We reduced the opacity of the first layer in above image so you can get an idea how both layers together will look like.
To make multiple layers in the back with a 3D effect you can use the keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop by holding CTRL + ALT and alternatively pressing arrow keys (left & up or down & right). This will make the layers duplicate and you can control the pattern with arrow keys.

Shadow Layer

It is the last layer of the 3D Text effect. It's totally your choice to make the shadows by applying the blending options in the last text layer, manually using a brush or some filters.

Download PSD Files

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