Android 10 is now released in Google's Pixel phone, loaded with many new features including night mode.

Android 10

From the release of Android 10 google has officially announced that future release will not have a dessert name associated.
It might not be the reason that google is having difficulty to find the dessert name with typical alphabets like Q, possibilities like Queens Cake and Quidim - dessert  were found earlier.
Desserts name used with android version is not world-wide recognized and to make it simpler version number will now be used.
After Android 11 might be the next version and so on.

Android Q or 10 is only released with Google Pixel for now and soon will reach in most of the smartphones.

Important Features loaded with this new release are:

1.  Dark Theme

Dark Theme

Google finally allowed user to switch in dark mode. It is applicable to both Android system UI (User Interface) and apps.
It will help people to use mobile phones in low light environment and people sensitive to bright light.
All google products now support dark theme except play-store and gmail(not yet). Maybe in coming time all google app will support night mode till then we have to wait.
You can find the option in the app setting for apps and system setting for User Interface to switch in dark theme.

2.Focus Mode

Focus Mode

Your phone will hide all notification from user selected apps when in Focus Mode.
Users are now safe from distractions by unwanted apps to focus on your work.

3. Privacy Controls


User now can control which data is allowed to be shared to third party apps like location, storage, and other data.
All these privacy controls will now be easily found in settings.

4. Security Updates


Android user already get security updates but Android 10 user will get them faster and easier. Security and privacy fix will be provided to user as soon as possible.

5. Sound Amplifier

With Android 10 user will get in-built Sound Amplifier to boost sound, filter background noise, perfect tune up and to clarify the sound. 

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