Samsung Galaxy Z Flip vs Galaxy Fold / Pros and Cons / Features, details and comparison

Samsung Galaxy Flip Z and Samsung Galaxy Fold screen durability test comparison scratch on hinge check and more features and details on camera display price processor speed

Samsung recently announced its new unique foldable smartphone Galaxy Z flip. After the production of Galaxy Fold the company with some changes and fixes comes up with a new foldable smartphone Z flip.

The previous smartphone with vertical hinge opens like a book and when fold turns in shape of bar whereas Z flip with horizontal hinge folds into half and becomes a square pocket device. Both have fingerprint sensor on one side whereas two speakers on Fold and one on Z flip. Both have a stunning look with metal frame and glass back with a mini screen to show time, message and other alerts.

Talking about the display both has foldable OLED panel but Samsung claims to have an advance thin glass on Z flip. If we think of the current technology foldable screens are not that efficient. Hence, screens of both foldable phones are not as durable and scratch proof like other normal glass screen phones, screen of both mobile phones can be easily scratched with your nails only. Overall the screen of the phone will not create much problem as it is foldable and the screen will be safe from scratches in its fold mode.

Camera of Fold is way better than Z Flip as Galaxy Z comes with main and ultra-wide dual cameras on outside with punch-hole selfie camera inside and Galaxy Fold with main, ultra-wide and telephoto triple cameras on outside and selfie with in depth sensor camera inside.

Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855/855+ both mobile phones give you almost same experience. Galaxy Fold has multi-tasking feature which can run up to 3 multiple apps simultaneously in wide screen when open.

Overall the company gives best from their side what a foldable smartphone can provide. Both foldable gadgets have smooth running experience powered by android and Samsung One UI. Big tablet experience in Galaxy Fold when open and a normal mobile phone when folded whereas Z flip gives a normal phone experience when opened and easily fits in your pocket when folded and can be easily carried anywhere.

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