Apple's New AirPod Max Headphone Series has been launched with Pricing of $549

Apple AirPod Max Headphone Series is launched

Apple has launched their new lineup in the headphone series. Few months ago Apple announced their advanced AI loaded headphones and finally the wait is over now. Apple has launched their $549 headphones in the Indian as well as in the international market this week. They claim that their headphones come with the spatial audio, adaptive EQ ANC (active noise cancellation) and many more other features.

Now we want to know if you have already bought their recent AirPods then will you consider Apple new headphones?

Apple says that the AirPod Max will arrive in the stores from next week (supplies will be limited). As we have seen that the estimated arrival timing on the Apple official website is up to 14 weeks which is a lot of time.

The rumors of this product were surrounding from the year 2018 and finally the product has been announced and launched almost only people are waiting for the arrival of the product in the apple stores or retail stores.

Experts and tech youtubers and other officials were thinking that Apple will launch them in the year 2021 but they surprised us and they launched it just before Christmas. That is the marketing strategy of Apple as they will get more sales due to the Christmas festival.

The price is much more than the expected price of the apple’s headphones. The headphones are launched at the pricing of $549 in the international market. Let’s see how much the pricing will be in the Indian market.

Apple AirPod Max Headphone closeup image in detail

Features of Apple Headphones

   Automatic switching in headphones allows you to seamlessly move sound between iPhone, iPad, and Mac (any of your apple devices). Users can easily take a call on iPhone and AirPods Max will automatically switch over while playing music on Mac.

   Audio Sharing helps to easily share an audio stream between two sets of AirPods on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple TV 4K. Just simply bring AirPods Max near the device and connect with a single tap.

   Siri can play music, make phone calls, control the volume, get directions, and more. Also, Siri can read incoming messages as they arrive with Announce Messages.



There is no doubt that Apple products are really amazing and premium with best quality and full of unique and advanced features as well as user experience.

But for apple products a question always arises why apple products are so expensive especially in the Indian market. You can purchase them from UAE or other countries like Hong Kong, USA for almost half of the pricing.

Apple should control their expensive pricing policy for the Indian market which is the biggest market in the tech industry and will lead China in the near future in the consumption of the electronic goods and services as well.

Would you consider or buy these headphones or pre booked them already please let us know in the comment section.

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