PUBG Mobile India Official Launch will be very soon in India

pubg mobile India launch date

PUBG Mobile India will be Launched very soon in India

Pubg Mobile India the most awaited mobile game in India after the Pubg global version got banned in India by the Ministry of Electronics and Information technology due to several reasons which was a good decision by our govt. To safeguard the national data security. 

After many rumors and news a PUBG corporation official has said the launch of the PUBG Mobile India might be seen in the month of March in 2021 or before the march.

So you have to wait for some months for the official launch of the PUBG mobile India keep patience Pubg is going to give an awesome game for the Indian players. They can’t leave such a huge market like India, lastly, they have to do business so why will they leave a big audience.

PUBG mobile corporation has to fulfill the 70 guidelines given by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. If they fulfill the guidelines they will launch the Indian version soon. Recently news came that Microsoft Azure is providing the servers for the Indian version of Pubg mobile where Indian users data will be stored in India only and the partnership is going with the Indian telecom company Bharti Airtel which holds some percentage of shares in Pubg India, 

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But the company is facing some issues that's why the delay in the launch is seeing from the months and months. 

Pubg mobile first launched the teaser before the launch of the PUBG mobile Indian during Diwali week, raising hopes of players that their lovable battle royale game is coming back soon. But still, the makers of Pubg mobile India are unable to get the approval badge from the ministry of electronics and IT. Let’s see when they approve the game after getting full satisfaction regarding the data security of the Indian citizens and other stuff.

The PUBG Mobile was banned in India due to the cyber security concerns and data leakage and misuse of the data of Indian citizens by the Chinese communist party(CCP). 

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Due to this threat, India banned the game totally. More than 100 applications were banned before this game. After some time PUBG officially registered their new company in India called PUBG Mobile India. The company was officially registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs some days back in Bangalore.

It is becoming very tough for PUBG mobile India to come back to the Indian gaming segment. But outside of India PUBG is booming with again holding the top game of 2020 badge all over the world. This survey was done by the analytics firm(company) Sensor Tower.

Let’s see what happens next hope PUBG mobile India will fulfill all the criteria and will come back very soon as possible.

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