Samsung HDR 10+ Adaptive Feature Launched with Amazon prime Video

samsung hdr+ adaptive feature launched

Samsung Announces HDR 10+ Adaptive Feature that will Improve HDR Experience Regardless of Lightning Conditions

Samsung and Amazon Prime Video worked together to enable Filmmaker Mode and HDR 10+ Adaptive for viewers on the streaming platform.

Samsung announced its HDR 10 + adaptive feature to improved HDR 10 + experience on Samsung TV models. Taking into account the lighting conditions of the room where the TV is placed. HDR Adaptive works with Frimmaker mode as well and adapts to brighter rooms preventing the image from appearing to be washed out. 

The feature will be launched globally with Samsung's upcoming TV QLED models according to the company's press release. HDR 10+ adaptive feature uses the TV's ambient light sensor to adjust the brightness, details, and contrast as well and offers the optimal viewing experience.

HDR10+ Adaptive promises to improve the HDR10+ viewing experience for the users regardless of the lighting conditions of the room. While the HDR is typically optional in the dark environment you can choose not all the rooms can be isolated from all kinds of light. So to compensate Samsung says that the HDR10+ adaptive feature will support the dynamic scene by scene optimization and can adjust the room lighting condition automatically.

It uses TV's light sensors to adjust picture quality in order to maintain the details and contrast.

Additionally HDR 10 + Adaptive feature supports Filmmaker mode which is a display setting that is to deliver a cinematic experience as intended by the filmmaker.

Samsung worked with Amazon prime video to enable the Filmmaker mode and HDR 10 + adaptive feature for Prime video users. 

The Prime Video content will convert into HDR 10+ automatically.

“We are always looking for new features and innovations that can help improve the customer experience. With HDR10+ and Filmmaker mode, Prime Video content is optimized regardless of the viewing environment and customers can enjoy movies and TV shows the way the filmmakers intended,” said BA Winston, global head of video playback and delivery at Amazon Prime Video.

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