Samsung may Log $54.5 Billion in Sales to sell 80 Million Galaxy Phones in Q3

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Samsung may Log $54.5 Billion in Sales to sell 80 Million Galaxy Phones in Q3

Samsung was projected to get $54.5 Billion in sales in July and September month the sales were increased by 3.1 percent from the year 2019 while the operating profit was estimated by the company was around 33.7 percent to $8.8 billion over the period. According to Infomax the financial news arm of Yonhap a news agency.

Samsung is expected to reveal its strong third-quarter earnings. Analysts said on Monday its mainstay semiconductor business remains solid despite a decline in the memory prices. While it's mobile and home appliances sales soared on pent up demand during the pandemic.

Samsung was projected to report $54.5 billion in sales in the July and September months which is 3.4 percent more than the previous year while the operating profit of the company was estimated to surge 33.7 percent to 8/8 Billion over the period this report was given by Yonhap Infomax which is a financial news arm of Yonhap News Agency.

By comparing the previous quarter the estimated figure suggests that Samsung is seeing a huge 20.7 percent increase in their sales and a 27.6 percent jump in the operating profit which is a huge profit for the company.

Samsung, the Korean tech giant, the world’s leading memory chip, display, and smartphone manufacturer, is expected to announce their third-quarter total earnings in the next week.

The total cost of the sales of the Samsung Galaxy smartphones was estimated around 80 Million united all over the world in the 3rd quarter with an increase of 50 percent from the previous year which is really a massive number. The tablet's sales were around 10 million units roughly 45 percent higher than the second quarter analysts said.

Analysts also predicted that Samsung's chip business to post an operating profit of around 5 Trillion dollars won in the third quarter of the year 2020.

Many other analysts said that Samsung's mobile business logged around 4 Trillion in won operating profit in the third quarter. Which is almost double the 2nd quarter operating profit of 1.95 trillion won.

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