FAU-G Game Officially Launched on Google Play Store by nCore Games

fau-g game officially launched in india

FAU-G "Made in India" Game Officially Launched on Google Play Store by nCore Games - Download FAU-G Game Now

FAU-G also known as Fearless and United Guards is now available officially in India after several rumors and news we have seen in recent months. It was one of the most awaited games for the Indian's after the PUBG mobile was banned by the Indian government due to the security reasons of the peoples of India.

Now finally the FAU-G game is available on the google play store you can download. The game is developed by the N-core games and is said to be India's alternative game to PUBG mobile. 

N-core games announced about this game in the September month of 2020 with an initial registration for the game was kive since December 2020 and the game surpassed 4 million registrations within a few days ago. 

nCore games founder Vishal Gondal has confirmed that battle royale mode and PvP (player vs player) modes will be added in the game very soon the many modes are under development they said.

The new FAU-G game is now available on the google play store you can download it on your android smartphone for free. 

According to the developers, the game is compatible with the handsets which are running on the Android version 8 or above. 

There will be in-application purchases inside the game to level up or suits or weapon skins etc. As we know that the nCore games are a Banglore based company that develops games specifically and other mobile applications as well. 

The company has not offered any information about the iOS version of the game maybe it is under development.

Akshay Kumar announced the game in September month last year mentioning that it will support the Atmnirbhar movement which was launched by Indian prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi and the game will also allow players to learn about the sacrifices of our brave soilders. 

Akshay Kumar also announced that 20% of the revenue through the game will be donated to Bharat Ke Veer Trust which is a great thing.

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