Nvidia GeForce Beta Now Available for M1 powered MAC

Nvidia GeForce Beta Now Available for M1 powered MAC

Nvidia GeForce Beta Now Available for M1 powered MAC machines and for Chrome Browsers

  • Nvidia GeForce has now applications for Android and Windows 10 devices.

The world of gaming is changing rapidly day by day. Lots of heavy games are being developed and the gaming industry has been changed a lot in the last 2 to 3 years especially in India as well. We have seen that in India peoples don't like to play games, especially on PC because the Indian audience is such a kind of audience who loves to do work in a compact way that's why mobile games are so popular and played a lot here.

But slowly the craze of PC gaming is being increasing day by day and peoples are building some powerful PC to handle those games easily by installing powerful GPU, graphic cards, etc.

Most of the PC doesn't have the capacity to handle the high-end games so Nvidia launched its cloud-based gaming service GeForce Now's beta version for Chrome web browsers and for M1 MACs.

According to the Verge(which is a tech and review blog) GeForce now already had applications for Windows 10 and Android devices. But it expanded to an even wider audience with a beta launch or Chromebooks in august 2020 last year and later followed it up.

Now anyone having a chrome browser on their device can stream games by heading to GeForce now's website after creating an account. Now you can stream games if you have a weak laptop. 

For the M1 MACC users according to the release notes, there is an all-new dedicated application for MAC users. 

Nvidia changes to make their service more useful for all, like the ability to create dedicated shortcuts for the games and a new way to share the links directly to your friends and on social media as well.

Similar to Google Stadia and Amazon Luna, GeForce is also essentially a PC inbuilt cloud-based platform users rent to stream their games. 

This type of cloud gaming technology is very useful for the Youtubers who stream games for hours. If you don't want to spend much money on the hardware for your existing setup then you can use these services on rent and can play high intensive and performance-oriented games on your weak laptops or mobile devices

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