Signal App Backup: Users may see some Chat Errors

signal app backup users seeing chat errors

Signal App Backup: Users may see some Errors, Company says will be fixed in the Next update

The outage will not affect the security of the Signal’s chat; the company officially confirmed this.

After the boycott of the WhatsApp messenger app, the Signal application and telegram app are booming in the messaging apps. Millions of people have downloaded the Signal app and are using it instead of WhatsApp due to the new policy update by WhatsApp which is owned by Facebook. Facebook is the official parent company of WhatsApp.

Signal officials said that they had restored the services which were affected due to some technical reasons. The main reason the company states that due to the overflow of the users to the app the problem arises. 

Signal has seen a rapid rise in the downloads following a change in WhatsApp privacy policies that required WhatsApp.

Signal said that after the competitor’s messaging application which is WhatsApp announced a policy change the application resumed its service by the end of the day after the app faced some technical difficulties due to the over usage of the application suddenly.

With the controversial changes in WhatsApp policies(in which Whatsapp will share data with their parent company which is Facebook and with Instagram as well) the number of downloads of the signal app increased suddenly within a day.

Signal users may see some errors while chatting. This is due to the side effect of the interruption but it will be resolved in the next update as said by the company.

The company officially tweeted this statement by their official Twitter handle.

signal app error issue update tweet

The company added that the error will not compromise or affect the security of the users' chat.

We want to let you know that Signal Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Silicon Valley of United States which was established in February month of 2018 and was initiated by Brian Arton. Who is currently the overseer of the application.

Brian Arton was the co-founder of WhatsApp before selling it to Facebook and provided initial funding of almost $50 million which in Indian currency is Rs. 36.5 Billion rupees.

The update will be pushed soon after the fixation of the error in the chat.

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