Android 12 could be named Snow Cone - Features Leaked

android 12

Android 12 may use a face based auto-rotating system that will use the front camera to consider the full orientation of the user’s face

The next version of Android 12 may be called Snow Cone and can come with features like smart auto-rotating, gaming mode, one-handed mode, and reduce bright colors feature. Android Snow Cone will be the next iteration of Android from Google and it is expected to be launch later this year. There are some new features have been added to Android 12. Let’s see those Android 12 features.

For the naming Google has seemingly gone with the Snow Cone this time as Android 12 source code reportedly has references to SC. believed to be a short name for Snow Cone.

It should be noted that Google has not shared any information about the new Android version yet.

Android 12 source code shows multiple references to the SC that is believed to be Snow Cone. We know Google likes to have desert names for its Android versions and a report by XDA Developers states that the upcoming iteration could be named Snow Cone.

It also states that the Android 11 was internally called Red Velvet Cake and there were references of the RVC in the source code of the Operating system.

Coming to the features of the Android 12, according to the report by 9to5google which is a blog that covers all the news about google the Android 12 could come with a new face id-based option for the automatic rotation. Android auto rotate doesn’t always work as you want it to.

With Android 12 Google seems to be making some major improvements with the OS. The smarter auto rotate feature will use your phone’s front camera to see the orientation of your head and rotate the display according to that automatically.

This feature will be super useful for those who use their phones while lying down(for example at night time using phone while lying on our bed).

android 12 new UI

A/C to another report by 9to5google there are chances of a feature of one-handed mode which is already given by the other smartphone manufacturers in their UI like Xiaomi gives this feature for a long time on almost all smartphones.

For Gaming there will be a gaming mode type feature in Android 12, according to the XDA developers they states that Android 12 will have a new “Game Manager Service“.

This would trigger automatically when a game will be launched on the phone it will manage the activities like phone brightness, auto-rotate of the phone, DND mode, and many more.

A new battery API is being introduced in Android 12 that will allow gamers to detect the battery level of the connected Bluetooth controllers.

There is no official date about the release of the Android 12 but Google may launch the new OS in the end of this year. Last weak it was reported that the Android 12 OS will bring some new UI changes like more pronounced rounded corners, new widget selection and new privacy policy.

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