Apple to Adopt OLED Displays on its Upcoming MacBooks and iPad Models

apple ipad oled display

According to some reports that Apple is planning to adopt the OLED display technology for some of its new upcoming iPad and Macbook models of the year 2022.

The company is expected to announce their new 10.9 inch OLED variant of the iPad. Apple is also rumoured to integrate OLED displays in their upcoming devices. Apple is already featuring OLED displays on their Apple watches and iPhone smartphones.

OLED screens have some advantages over the LED and LCD panels in terms of the picture quality(color accuracy and viewing angles) but OLED panels are expensive to manufacture than the other display technologies available in the market currently.

According to the industry sources cited by DigiTimes, Apple is going to adopt the OLED technology for its iPad and Macbook models for the upcoming year. However, this is not apple’s first rumored news with the OLED technology. As apple watch and iPhone, variants have been using the OLED technology(which Apple calls Retina displays) from 2015, but actually, they are OLED displays.

Apple represents simple things into some extraordinary style to market their products and people thinks that its something new and different. But Apple changes the name of the technology and calls those terms into different style only for maketng.

Apple has mostly used LCD displays for their iPad and MacBook models but that is rumoured to change with the upcoming 10.9 inch iPad, iPad pro and MacBook pro models of 2022.

Apple has not made any official announcement about this news but most probably they are going to adapt the OLED technology in their iPads and Macbooks from 2022. Let’s see what we gets this year October launch.

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