iPad Mini Pro To be Launched soon with Apple Pencil with Chargeable Nib

iPad Mini with apple pencil

iPad mini pro may be Apple’s next iPad model, which is recommended to recommend a new report. The report suggests that the company may launch this new iPad mode at some time in the second half of 2021. In addition, a picture of an unproven Apple pencil is also leaked, which implies a detachable pen tip and smooth finish. According to rumors, Apple will hold the “2021 Spring” event at some time this month and will launch new iPad models, new AirPods, and even a new Apple TV.

South Korea blog never shared any information about this new iPad model – interesting is known as iPad mini pro. The report said that this iPad variant has reached its “design P2`th stage, which is after the R & D and planning phase. If everything goes well, the iPads model will quickly enter the development P3 stage, according to the report. It also said iPad Mini PRO may be launched in the second half of 2021.

The iPad Mini Pro is featured with an 8.7 inches super AMOLED display and its width is said to be more than the iPad mini 2019 model.

The rumored iPad mini pro model should likely be a sizable update only with some minor tweaks that can be seen.

The launch of the new iPad 2021 is expected to be this month in march 2021. It is expected to feature a mini LED display and will include 5Gmm Wave support.

It is sure that it will come with the 5G connectivity because from this year almost every 3rd smartphone or device is coming with 5G support. Let’s see what will we have in the final launch of the product by Apple.

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