MoLife Launches Sense 500 Smartwatch in Indian Market at Rs. 3999

molife sense 500

MoLife, a local Indian mobile and lifestyle accessory brand, announced the launch of Sense500 on Monday, which is part of its latest wearable smartwatch. The Sense500 is priced at Rs 4499. However, the company gave it an entry price of Rs 3,999 a week. Smartwatches will be sold exclusively on Amazon and Molife world. It starts at midnight today.

According to the company, the Sense500 is the first 4-inch smartwatch on the Indian market. 3 cm or 1 cm. With 2 7-inch infinite displays. 5D curved edge and Bluetooth call function. The Induction 500 smartwatch is available in two color variants, anthracite, and mysterious silver. After the introduction is provided, it feels that 500 smartwatches will also be available in Mint and Flip cars for customers to purchase.

As for the battery life of the smartwatch, Molife claims that the sense 500 smartwatch can last for 3 days because it has a 220-meter battery. The company further pointed out that in standby mode, it can last up to 15 days. It also has a call function, consumers can answer and make calls through smart watches.

The sensor 500 includes other key features such as an Sp02 monitor, blood pressure monitor, IP68 waterproof and dustproof rating, and 8 exercise modes with a 24-hour heart rate monitoring function. In addition to these functions, the Sensing 500 smartwatch also has a unique function to monitor the menstrual cycle of its female customer base.

In a statement, Dipesh Gupta, the managing director of Molife Company, said that after the successful launch of our first two smartwatches, we are excited to introduce the third in Morif’s “Feel” series. A smartwatch. In terms of innovation and design, the 500 feels like a multi-functional smartwatch.

In the foreseeable future, we hope to beautify the field of smart wearable, so our mission is to provide every Indian with first-class smartwatches. Our only goal is to provide customers with reliable and trustworthy innovative technology. Keeping this in mind, we will bring innovation to the Indian market, while supporting Indian manufacturing as a vision for India.

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