PUBG Mobile Patch 1.3 Brings New Festival Mode and More

pubg mobile update

PUBG Mobile patch 1.3 was published and it attracts a fresh festival style to celebrate the matching anniversary. The new mode is named Hundred Rhythms and will be put from the Erangel map. The gamers are going to have the ability to attend a music festival with a Music Armband which includes three exceptional abilities.

Patch 1.3 additionally brings a brand new weapon into PUBG Mobile, together with several performance enhancements. Gamers in India will obviously not have the ability to experience this because the program is still prohibited in the nation although many gamers say they’re playing with VPNs. The PUBG team claims that servers won’t be taken offline to the upgrade. PUBG Mobile understands a fresh Hundred Rhythms style which may be played just in Erangel.

Players will find an armband that will permit them to select among 3 abilities on the spawn island. These could be updated by collecting cassettes from the map. These armbands include a single active ability and two passive abilities each. The Guardian Armband may create a barrier that reduces damage taken from bullets. The Camouflage Armband allows players to modify their clothes into a Ghillie suit for a while, hiding the weapons along with the backpack.

There’ll be three digital music genres, one on spawn two and island on Erangel, where gamers may listen to dance music. The upgrade for PUBG Mobile additionally brings a Clown Shop Vehicle which allows players to swap Clown Tokens to battle supplies in addition to special products. The Clowns’ Tricks feature will probably be inserted from March 31. There’ll be fresh benefits, elite enemies may randomly spawn on the map, bot enemies are created brighter, the Tikhar Rifle was eliminated, and there are a few weapons balancing adjustments too. Article the upgrade, players will have the ability to play electricity Armor Mode each Friday to Sunday. A brand new sniper rifle named Mosin-Nagant was added to the match in addition to a new vehicle named Motor Glider.

Royale Walk Season 18 of PUBG Mobile will begin from March 17, and will draw double position rewards and”a few special guests may make an appearance” based on this official changelog. There’s a Violin Music Collection and also a Kar98K skin for gamers that hit rank 100.

PUBG Mobile patch 1.3 additionally brings performance enhancements, safety enhancements, and system enhancements. MSAA and HDR problems on iOS 14.3 have already been mended, machine learning algorithms are added to filter questionable participant behaviour, and images rendering was improved among other alterations.PUBG Mobile remains prohibited in India but publisher Krafton appears to be in contact with the Indian authorities to bring it back. A brand new variant of the sport, PUBG: New State, was also declared lately, but it hasn’t yet been made readily available for pre-registration in India, since the writer said it’s focusing on PUBG Mobile India first.

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