WhatsApp Disappearing Photos Feature is Coming Soon for Android and iOS

whatsapp app disappearing photo

WhatsApp already has message disappearing feature and disappearing photos could extent its use.

WhatsApp is working on some new features which includes the disappearing photos for both the platforms Android and iOS. Currently we have disappearing message feature but the disappearing photos feature is coming soon.

WABetalinfo has shared a tweet that WhatsApp is working on self-destruction photo features for iOS and Android. The screenshots in their tweet shows a new option next to Add a caption text box that appears before you sends any attachment or media file to others on the WhatsApp application.

WhatsApp’s parent company Facebook is not new to this concept it already allows users to send a disappearing photo or video on Instagram. They have already integrated this feature in Instagram a way back.

But there is a similar kind of pattern that Facebook is connecting all their platforms together for better convenience. Recently they launched a feature with which you can send and receive messages from your Instagram account to directly to your Facebook platform.

And recently Facebook also launched a Facebook business platform that helps users to schedule posts for Instagram. The post scheduling was available on the Facebook platform but now you can schedule Instagram posts which is a very useful thing for the influencer and social media managers who handle the pages of the companies and social profiles.

Last year in the month of November WhatsApp introduced the message disappearing feature for Android, iOS and Linux based KaiOS devices. This feature is different from the disappearing message feature on telegram. The messages gets disappeared automatically after 7 days

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