Timex Fit Smartwatch with Telemedicine feature Launched in India

Timex Fit Smartwatch

The Timex Fit health monitoring smartwatch is launched in India. Portable devices have many health and fitness features, including telemedicine, temperature sensors, and SpO2 monitors. According to the company, the telemedicine function is based on the concept of “one-click”, allowing users to easily consult a doctor through the Timex Fit app. Other features include activity tracking, automatic sleep detection, and multi-dial support. Timex said the wearable will also send calendar reminders, as well as call and message notifications.

Timex Fit pricing and availability

India’s Timex Fit smartwatch is priced at ₹ 7,000. The silicone belted version is priced at 6,995, while the metal belted version is priced at ₹ 7,495, according to the official website. Timex handheld devices can be purchased at authorized Timex retailers or on the official website. According to news reports sent to Gadgets 360, the smartwatch will be available with black mesh and rose gold mesh (metal) straps, as well as black, black, blue, and red black silicone straps.

Timex Fit specifications

The Timex Fit smartwatch is a 35mm rectangular plastic case with a full color touch screen. According to the company, the smartwatch supports 10 dials and even allows users to use photos as dials. It has 10 different sports modes, including running, cycling, tennis, yoga, dance, badminton, basketball, soccer, hiking, and fitness.

The Timex Fit smartwatch USP is a unique telemedicine feature that allows the user to quickly consult a doctor through the Timex Fit app. The application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. The application also allows the user to share health and wellness data.

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