Apple's Foldable iPhone and iPhone 13 will have In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

Apple is working on Foldable iPhone

Apple is working on Foldable iPhone, iPhone 13 with in-display fingerprint likely in 2021

With companies like Xiaomi, Samsung, LG dipping their toes in the foldable smartphones segment, Apple is also exploring how it can put a foldable screen in their iPhone.

This year the iPhone 13 will be launched with an in-display fingerprint display.

Apple started exploring a foldable screen iPhone. They will launch their foldable smartphone soon. However, apple’s plan is in the early phase and not even a fully working prototype is on the table. 

Because the plan of putting the foldable screen in an iPhone is at the very starting stage it is not for the 2021 iPhone series according to a report by Bloomberg.

Instead for 2021, Apple will only do some minor changes to their upcoming iPhone 13 which will be launched in September or October month of this year 2021.

Last year in 2020 Apple moved to a new body design from their iPhone 12 lineup they followed a new stylish boxy look design in the edges of the phone which looks cool but can be uncomfortable for people for long time usage. 

The iPhone 13 will have the same look as the iPhone 12 does. But Apple should change that big notch design. It's an outdated design and it will make the phone more stylish if they will reduce the size of the existing big notch or they can replace that with a water droplet design.

The iPhone 13 will have an in-display fingerprint.

Foldables phones are the future there is no doubt in this statement. Almost all the companies are focussing on foldable phones. 

Samsung has currently 2 smartphones in its foldable phone series Galaxy Z Fold and Fold 2. But both of them are work in progress. There are some issues in those and Samsung is working on those smartphones to make them better and more futuristic. 

This year LG has already expressed their intention of launching a new rollable phone by the end of this year and Xiaomi also showcased their foldable phone they are going to launch their own foldable phone this year or maybe next year.

Apple is also entering the foldable segment and this could happen in 2022 or even in 203 or 2024. Let’s see when we see Apple’s foldable iPhone.

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