Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro - Specifications, Price, and Availability

samsung galay buds

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro - Specifications, Price, and Availability

Samsung's new wireless earbuds which are the successor of the Galaxy Buds Live will be hitting the shelves bearing Galaxy buds pro. 

The trend and craze of earbuds are increasing rapidly all over the world. Almost every smartphone company is launching its own earbuds. 

First Apple started this concept of the earbuds and they launched their ear pods and then many other companies launched their ear pods. Then the ear pods went to another level. We can say that the upgrade of the ear pods into earbuds.

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There are lots of earbuds companies in the market and many smartphone manufacturer companies also selling their budget and premium earbuds as well.

The earbuds and pods became popular because of the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack from most of the phones. The earphone jack will be very rare in the near future smartphones.

So let's talk about the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, their specs, features, pricing, and availability in India.

Design of Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung has changed the design of the wireless earbuds with the Galaxy Buds Live. The company is expected to return to its original roots come early next year in 2021.

This is because the Galaxy Buds pro is said to resemble the Galaxy Buds and Buds + series more so than the latest Buds Live series.

The design of the Samsung Galaxy Buds is really so cool and comfortable to wear. The feel of the design seems to be pretty good and premium.

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Features of Galaxy Buds Pro

The charging case of the Galaxy Buds Pro is square-shaped with rounded corners which is similar to the Galaxy Buds Live case. Both the buds are packed with a 472 mAh battery(combined) which is more than enough.

Features of the Galaxy Buds Pro

The buds pro supports the ANC(active noise cancellation) which is a technology that cancels all the unwanted noises around you. These buds will be the company’s second buds model to boast this technology after the Galaxy Buds live model. The new buds will bring a major improvement in both ANC and Ambient mode as well.

Pricing and Availability

The Galaxy Buds Pro will be unveiled in the month of January 2021 with the Samsung S21 series on the stage. The official launch date isn’t confirmed yet but it's sure that the launch will be held in January 2021.

The pricing is assumed to be around $170 which is almost 13 thousand Indian Rupees. The pricing is almost the same as the Galaxy Buds Live.

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